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  • If your business is not eligible for Job Keeper 2.0, you don't need to report anything to stop JobKeeper. ATO will assume if you don't start reporting Tier information, JobKeeper is no longer needed.
  • If your business is eligible for JobKeeper 2.0 and you have employees who are eligible for JobKeeper, determine which tier level your employees belong to. Click here to view the full instruction on ATO website.
  • Here are the proper settings for both tier levels:
    • Tier 1 - JK-TIER1

    • Tier 2 - JK-TIER2

  • Apply one of those tier level allowance and other job keeper allowance (start/finish fortnight and top up if needed) in your employee payrun.
    Note: for start/finish fortnight and tier level allowance, you are only required to report once during JobKeeper scheme. No need to apply those allowances in every payrun.
  • After commited committing the payrun, check the STP file again and make sure those Job Keeper allowances are reported in the right section. Here is the example of STP file snapshot, all Job Keeper allowances should be reported in allowance collection section.
    If they are not appeared in the right section, please go back and check your allowance settings.

  • Please note that reporting correct tier level is legally binding with ATO, so make sure you have the tier level correct for all of your eligible employees.
  • In case that you make the wrong choice and report wrong tier level for some employees, please make sure you rectify as soon as possible via STP.
    • if that happens in the most recent payrun, you can roll back that payrun and re-enter the correct allowance. Check STP file after to make sure there is only 1 correct tier level reported in allowance section.
    • If the error has been made a few payruns back, you can correct the issue in the next payrun by adding a correction allowance:
      • Add another allowance to the affected employees to correct the wrong tier (JK-TIER1X to cancel tier 1 and JK-TIER2X to cancel tier 2). The settings are the same for both correction allowances and as followed:

      • In the next payrun, apply the correction allowance and the correct tier level allowance. Make sure in the STP file you will see something similar to this:

        In this example, this employee will be in tier level 2 for the whole life of JobKeeper 2.0.
    • Note: This design does not support multiple corrections, so extreme caution should be taken to ensure accuracy of originally reported JobKeeper extension data. This critical detail is used to determine the reimbursement amount to the employer